Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vaayana vaaram - Day 5.

It was another day that saw us out of the house by 9. The morning's programme with the Speaker of the Kerala Assembly in chair was informative regarding the intricacies of ayurveda treatment and how easy it was for an individual to earn his/her livelihood with the knowledge of that branch of medicine. In fact, all over India, it's the 'Kerala' ayurveda system that's more popular because there's a popular feeling among the general public that the practices are genuine and foreign tourists - these days, even Indians - are sold!

I'd to make a quick visit to the central jail at Poojappura, to meet with the police officials regarding the conduct of a ceremony of taking the 'Reading Day pledge' by the inmates, on the occasion of the Vaayana Vaaram, tomorrow. The minister of ports will read out the pledge while the MLA of the Assembly segment will preside over the function. I couldn't help but observe the marked similarities of the hierarchical structure prevalent in the police force with that of the defence forces, that I was so familiar.

Today also happens to be the 125th birth anniversary of the late C Kesavan, the chief minister of the erstwhile Travancore-Kochi state, who's known for his integrity and no nonsense approach. What I like best among the anecdotes attributed to him was his remark when told about the massive fire that had gutted the Sabarimala shrine, "I'm glad that a temple has been destroyed; it will at least reduce superstitions to some extent". He was fond of my grandfather and had provided the much needed governmental support during the time. It was, thus, befitting on the part of the Foundation to allow the C Kesavan Foundation to conduct its celebrations at the Kanakakkunnu Palace during the afternoon!

The evening also saw me seeing off our guests of the last two days and receiving a guest who flew in today for the programme tomorrow.

I shall be returning to Guruvayur by the Intercity Express at 1700 hrs on Saturday. The last function of the Vaayana Vaaram would have begun by then.


1. Today's theme, "Ayurveda in a global context".
2. Sekhar, a member of the staff opens up. He did give me a lot of information!
3. Binu and Rajesh, two electricians from the KSEB, had come to set right the defects in our office. While being busy at work, Binu had got a call from someone and he'd reacted very strongly to it. Once he'd quietened down and got back to work, I'd advised him against raising his blood pressure which I was pretty sure if he continued that way. His reply was thought provoking, "Sir, everyone feels that we're being paid heavily, disproportionate to our job. The guy who'd called and I'd joined our respective departments on the same day but today, he's in a managerial slot while I haven't got a corresponding position in my organisation. He knows it and is therefore, taking pot shots at me regarding the defect in his house and I'm gonna delay it. Do you know sir, that if I were to die today while doing my duty, my family would be rendered helpless and without money". I was left wondering, no insurance?

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