Thursday, June 9, 2016!

Glued to the television set every evening to the news channels, one can't help but follow the intricacies and the making of a news story. The starkness, the hollowness, the melodrama, the questionable actions based on falsehoods, the protagonists defending the indefensible, the 'hot' news of today fading into oblivion before one can say 'Jack Robinson', no follow through on the allegations raised, etc are all part of the plot. We, as viewers, seem to go along with it without problems.

I wonder whether many of us watch news in the same manner as we watch a 'sitcom' or a reality show and hence don't give the seriousness that quite a few of them deserve!

Let me go through a few that's trending today.

 1. Should be deported and handed over to England.

     Vijesh Kooriyil, an Oxford educated Malayalee from Parappanangadi of Malappuram district,
     who fled London three days before a UK court convicted him for child rape and punished with
     23 years in jail, on 31 May, was hiding in his house and has since gone missing with his parents
     strutting - as always, since they refuse to accept their child's dark side - that their son can't do such
     things and that he's being falsely framed!

     And what's the story? Kooriyil was staying at Oxford, as paying guest, with a family from
     Kottayam in 2010-'11 when the crime had occurred. He'd repeatedly raped a six year old boy
     after gaining the child's trust. The blighter had got married a year ago.

     What I can't understand is that the child's parents did not notice their child's agony when the
     murky activities were going on for almost a year.

     It's my opinion that Vijesh Kooriyil be nabbed and deported forthwith when the govt of UK
     asks us to do so. He deserves to rot in jail for his heinous crime and should not be spared!

 2. Udta Punjab and the muck that it has raised.

     The chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification, Pehlaj Nihalani, has done it again.
     In the movie, Udta Punjab, the Board has suggested deletion of words like 'election', 'MP',
     'MLA', 'party', 'Parliament', references to Punjab and and places in Punjab among many other.
     Rightly so, the entire Bollywood has got up in arms against the Board's actions!

     What I can't understand is as to how guys like him get appointed to such 'haloed' places? 
     Shouldn't a guy have some knowledge about the scope of work that he's being entrusted with?

     In my opinion, what should be done is to educate the chairman about the rightful charter of
     duties of the CBFC. Its primary objective is to harp on a vibrant cultural development. If
     he still doesn't understand that, he should be sacked. The govt must not take an egoistic stand!

 3. Some pseudo intellectuals want the rape accused, Tarun Tejpal to be set free.

     Without giving even the slightest thought about disgracing the rape victim, a bunch of pseudo
      intellectuals, as termed rightly by Arnab Goswami, has found fault in the 'so called' persecution
      of Tarun Tejpal in the rape case that he's muddled in. What saddens me is that many of these
      worthies(?) are women, don't they've any respect for the dignity of another among them who's
      undergone the ignominy? It's amply evident that the accused is drumming up support for
      delaying/obfuscating the process of investigation.

      What I can't understand is that a rape case has taken so much of time to reach a logical
      conclusion? Is it because we're woefully short of judges?

      In my opinion, the following need to be done:-

          (a) The case against Tarun Tejpal should be fast tracked and the blighter brought to book.
          (b) The pseudo intellectuals be sidelined and ignored. Pray who's given them the title
                of 'intellectuals', I wonder?


Is any redemption possible among the 4,000 odd employees of the Kerala government's secretariat?
The unions and the associations of the workers must work towards the organisation's good, failing which everything will remain the same!



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