Saturday, June 4, 2016

Adieu Mohammad Ali.

The world's greatest boxer has passed into the mist of time. My tribute to him is by revisiting that old chart buster that sums up every aspect of his personality.

          "Muhammad, Muhammad Ali
            He floats like a butterfly 
            And stings like a bee
            He moves like the black superman
            And calls to the other guy Aaaaliiii
            .......Catch me if you can!"

He was suffering from the dreaded Parkinson's Syndrome for 35 yrs. I can imagine the helplessness that he must have gone through as I'd seen my dad going through the agony for eight years. RIP Cassius Clay! We'd begun to know you by that name and so, let me use it one last time. My prayers and tears to a great sportsman.

            *                             *                               *

Pushpakaran, the farmhand, had come to do some spring cleaning in the house. Actually, we go through this rigmarole once in six months. The muck that gets accumulated on the fans and the mosquito proofing of the windows/ventilators had to be seen to be believed. It took him a whole day to complete his work and he has really done it well and the result, the fans have begun to throw more air, seem to be spinning faster!

            *                             *                               *

I'd also gone to the town to get a few pending work done. We'd be taking off to Palakkad tomorrow after breakfast, drop mom with my sister and push off to Ernakulam for Lekha's review by the dentist and the rheumatologist. Will return by Tuesday.


It was a rainy day and I'd taken an auto rickshaw, as usual, for my errands. The driver was a highly talented youngster and a stage artiste. Ramesh is his name and I'm sure he'll make it big one day, he has the fire in his belly! 

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