Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Unnecessary controversies.

There has been something or the other that keeps taking place. While a few are genuine, it's my sneaky feeling that many are perpetuated for the perpetrators to be in the limelight and the remainder have a smack of politics! The outcome......more often than not, counts to nothing. Let's visit a few that have been in the limelight in the last few weeks.

   (a) Udta Punjab.

         A movie on the growing dependence on drugs and that too, by the youth of Punjab. It has a
         social relevance. It's common knowledge that unscrupulous politicians are into the business
         of drugs. What makes it more stinging is that it's rumoured that a few Akali Dal leaders are
         involved and come next year, it's Assembly elections in the state. To my mind, all parties are
         to be blamed because no one has made a strong case against the malaise, till now, which goes
         to prove that almost everyone is in the know of it, if not fully involved and that the business
         is lucrative.

         Pehlaj Nihalani, the CBFC chief, had passed the certification process with a number of cuts
         against which the entire Bombay film industry had raised voice and subsequently, the Bombay
         High Court had removed all except one cut and permitted the release of the movie. It should
         have been released all over by this Friday but I suppose the battle has not yet finished as it has
         entered the Supreme Court, thanks to a Punjab based NGO.

         The film has gained so much of attention that rest assured it's gonna be a money grosser as
         potential viewers would like to know as to what the hue and cry was all about! Would they get
         to see them is the moot point!!

   (b) The Spectators at War.

          Hooliganism among the soccer fans isn't a new phenomenon and it had raised its ugly
          head in the Euro Cup series when the English and the Russian spectators went after each
          other at the Velodrome ground in Marseilles. While a detailed probe is on, it seems that the
          hooligans from both the sides had attacked the local populace too.

          A situation that wasn't required at all.

    (c) Shut Schools being taken over by the Government.

          As per court orders, a few schools have been ordered to be shut down by the court as they
          didn't have the requisite number of students or adequate teaching staff or even, lacked basic
          amenities. The government, on the rebound, have decided to take over the schools - there
          might be about 15 of them - and run them and the managements on the other hand have said
          they'd strongly resist the move. What are the dynamics? It will be interesting to note what
          the stake holders are looking at:-

               (i) The government is trying to score brownie points by showing that it's concerned about
                    the schools where poor students study. Can low student strength or inadequate teaching
                    staff ever justify this move as also the move being financially unviable, in the long run,
                    for the government?
              (ii) The managements might be thinking in terms of converting prime land into business
                    hubs like shopping malls, gigantic office space etc.
             (iii) The parents in stoking their personal egos that they prevented shut down of their
                    children's schools!

         An interesting aspect is that the children of the ministers have had their education in reputed
         schools augmented with higher studies abroad. So their bleeding sentiments towards normal
         schools is pure hogwash!


Now don't you understand that all these controversies are man made? Was there any reason to rake them up at all?

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