Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vaayana Vaaram - Day 3.

Maman and I headed for the venue by 9 and pitched in with the others in setting up the stage in accordance with the theme for the day. The minister of panchayats was the chief guest and the meeting had started off 10 minutes behind schedule and since most of the speakers were expansive in their expressions, it wound up almost half an hour late.

I could see Vignesh, our trainer, getting impatient and he'd asked me to tell the gentleman proposing the vote of thanks to wind up quickly keeping his speech short and I'd to do so, taking care that I didn't dampen his enthusiasm! The training session, then, took off without much ado and the students were only too happy to begin from where they'd left last evening. They seemed to be happy at the place of their overnight stay within the campus of the Mar Ivanios College and we're only too happy to hear that.

Lunch was just sufficient for everyone who're at the Kanakakkunnu Palace, including the regular staff of the sprawling establishment. The in charge of the logistics arrangements for the entire show was, however, sad that Maman and I had to have an early tea and vadas for lunch. It took a lot to convince the old lady - a retired Head Mistress - that food was our least priority and the very successful conduct of the programme gave us the biggest high and the energy!

The afternoon session saw our team giving the final set of instructions to the participants regarding training and getting a million people e-literate by 31 Dec. Before winding up, there was a photographic session where a few of the students got unashamedly sentimental regarding their experience. Rajat of the Vishwa Yuvak Kendra was effusive in his appreciation of the Foundation for giving his team this opportunity.

It was then that I made a quick dash to the Mar Ivanios College to clear the dues and thank the organisation for taking good care of our students. And on return, while passing through Pattom, saw the Sree Uthradom Thirunal Hospital and I'd a lump in my throat. It was there that my Ammachi, Mrs. PN Panicker, had breathed her last, almost 25 years ago.


1. Our ex-sa'arthi, a youngster in the Army and currently posted at Bangalore dropped by seeing the lights burning in the Foundation. And boy, weren't we also thrilled to see him? He has promised to be with us from tomorrow onward for the Vaayana Vaaram as he's here on a few days' leave.
2. The theme for today, "Empowering Gram Sabhas through Skill Development".   

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