Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's a quiet day.

The train was on time and it fetched up at Guruvayur at a half past 2. The comely lady, on the bunk opposite mine, gave me a winning smile as I made a quick exit on reaching our destination! I still don't understand women!!  The auto rickshaw was easy to get, unlike last time, and I was at home before 3. A quick wash and change and I'd hit the sack, but got up on the dot at 6. There were important things to do and the first was to carry mom's urine sample to the lab to rule out urinary tract infection because she'd some difficulty last evening.

The deed was done and the results were passed over the telephone to her doctor for advice. He's asked me to have a few more tests done and pass on the results so that the antidote could be prescribed. Lekha's quarterly review by her doctor was also due on 07 Jun and her tests were also due. The lab team has been told to reach our house by 7 AM tomorrow to collect the samples when I'd gone to the hospital for handing over the sample.

Similarly, the Pest Control of India was asked to send its service guys to do the quarterly sanitising of 'The Quarterdeck' as per the annual contract that I've signed with it. I'd like it to take place before the monsoons set in! Pushpaakaran, the farmhand, has been told of the work that awaits him in the form of dusting/cleaning of the doors, windows, the mosquito proofing, fans, trimming of the trees and plants of the kitchen garden. Incidentally, Ramesh, the gardener, had trimmed down the lawn, the trees and the potted plants just yesterday during my absence. He's not offered the kitchen garden because he'd made a mess of it at an earlier time. Period!

The story about Ramesh's adventure(Or should I call it misadventure?) into our kitchen garden was one of absolute catastrophe. He'd trimmed a Yam tree to its eventual destruction - when I'd asked him as to whether anyone trimmed Yam trees, he gave me a sheepish smile and that was the time I realised that the youngster had no clue about such finer aspects! Since I wanted his continued services for the lawn and the potted plants I've restricted his activities to the courtyard and the balcony, under close supervision!! That's that!!!


Another wet day. It looks as if the monsoons have already set in here though the meteorological department insists that it will fetch up only by next week.


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