Sunday, June 5, 2016

An unexpected trip.

We'd picked a comfortable time to go to my sister's place at Palakkad and had set off by about a half past 9. Enroute I'd stopped to take in fuel and check tyre pressure and by 10, we'd hit the now familiar highway. Being a Sunday, the roads were comparatively empty and driving was a pleasure as the weather was good.

We reached my sister's place by a quarter to 12. Mom and Lekha did not find the journey tiring and as per programme, we're supposed to spend the evening and head straight for Ernakulam early morning tomorrow to keep that appointment with Lekha's dentist. After a scrumptious lunch, mom and I'd gone for our siesta while the others sat and talked. It was as I got up from my slumber that I realised that there was a faux pas - I'd forgotten Lekha's medical file at home.

A quick amendment to our schedule was worked out and we kicked off back to Guruvayur by 1700h. Though the option to drive to Ernakulam via Guruvayur tomorrow morning was available, it was dropped for the simple fact that driving through on a Monday morning with the school children and the office goers trying to get to their respective destinations would have been a nightmare. The drive of about 21/2 hours went off peacefully and we got back to 'The Quarterdeck' by a half past 7. Mom was unhappy that we'd to leave so soon. Rema and Padmakumar felt bad that we'd to leave so early and we've promised them that we'd make up for it by staying overnight, on our return trip, on Tuesday.

The evening was a quiet affair and we went about our chores as usual. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day.


The take off is gonna be at 6, tomorrow!

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