Monday, June 27, 2016

Plugged to hospitals!

Was literally plugged to three hospitals and a patient-at-home. I wouldn't say that I was busy but the necessity of updating myself about each one of them did take up my time and energy.

 (a) Indira kunjamma at KIMS, Thiruvananthapuram.

       74 year old Indira kunjamma has been having a problem of almost no appetite for quite a
       while. A fortnight back, she was caught up with a nasty viral fever and over a period she'd
       gotten weak. In fact, last week during my stay at Thiruvananthapuram, I'd gone to look her
       up and found her weak and bed ridden. She'd started having food, her daughter said, but that 
       wasn't enough! This afternoon, she was admitted at the KIMS as she was too weak with an acute 
       congestion of the chest. The doctor has put her on drips and once her health steadies up, the
       antibiotics to tackle the infection will be pushed in. She has, however, been creating a ruckus
       about wanting to get back home.........I'd spoken to all our relatives out there about the situation
       and all of them had made a beeline to the hospital. By evening, her condition had stabled and
       the infusion of antibiotics had begun. Phew!

 (b) Leela chittamma at Daya Hospital, Thrissur.

       My dad's youngest sister-in-law had both her knee joints replaced this morning at Thrissur. 
       Her son is keeping us updated about the details. As I understand, she'll come out of the post
       operative care tomorrow and will be made to walk. The results will determine the date of her
       discharge. Incidentally, she's all of 67 yrs.

 (c) Jayakumar's sister and family at the Medical College, Coimbatore.

       Had come to know of the accident involving Jayakumar's sister's car and a lorry off Palakkad
       from his assistant, when I'd gone to the bank this morning. The car had the lady's husband, who
       was driving and their two children besides her. She's the worst hit with broken limbs while the
       others have narrowly missed major injuries. 

 (d) Sathi chechi and Radhan chettan had dropped by this morning to collect the Rs.10 grand that
       they'd asked me last week to tide over their financial difficulties. She'd slipped and fallen in 
       their bathroom resulting in a broken ankle.


Woke up to the sad news about the signing off of Lionel Messi from international football after
his team, Argentina, lost to Chile in the finals of the Copa America centenary. Fate has been cruel to him!

........For me you shall continue to be the greatest footballer of the times!!

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