Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Back at Palakkad.

The day began at 6 and we're at Shenoy Care by a half past 9. The registration formalities were gone through, the junior doctor went through Lekha's lab reports and queried as to whether she'd had any problems. The recurring abdominal pain that she'd experienced over the last month was reported and after a wait for almost an hour, we could meet Dr. Shenoy. He has advised a visit to a surgeon as she has a history of gall bladder stones that have been asymptomatic to discount the fact they'd gotten active and to, then, ascertain the true cause!

Meanwhile, the driver of our organisation at Chathannoor, had fetched up at the Ernakulam North railway station and got in touch, as per my directives last evening. He was directed to a spot where we eventually met and I'd affixed my signatures on a few important mail/cheques as my next visit there will be only by the third week in connection with the 'Vaayana Dinam' and 'Vaaram'.

A lovely lunch with Saly and we're off to the naval base for purchasing grocery for the month. The drive was through heavy rains and crawling traffic but since we'd taken the seaport-airport road, we could reach Kalamasserry fairly easily and proceed on the NH 47 only to come across this 'bad' driver of an Indica taxi. He overtook me twice, stopped his vehicle just ahead of mine both the times at the red lights, cruised very, very slowly once the green light came on and zipped off as the red light returned, ensuring that I missed the light!

At the third instance, I put on a bit of extra power and had gunned the Chevy past the blighter and while passing him, saw the quizzical look on his face and after that he'd  steadily fallen back, probably looking for another unsuspecting driver! The Kuthiran hill, enroute, was passed with ease and I could drop my offering of a 5 rupee coin, at the temple's and the retriever's vicinity(The deity at Kuthiran is Lord Ayyappa and motorists passing by, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, believe that an offering would ensure their safe deliverance at the destinations and without emergencies!).

We'd reached my sister's place by a quarter to 7 to settle down for a boisterous evening!


Seeing mom's thrill and Rema-Padmakumar's hospitality, pushed away every trace of tiredness, brought about by the drive.          

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