Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A day that didn't see me do much.

The day had begun as usual. Since the maid had fallen ill, the work has fallen on Lekha. The only consolation is that she would be back tomorrow. I tried to put in my bit wherever I could but it didn't seem to be adequate. We, however, went about the major chores without difficulty.

Just before 12 I'd made a beeline to the town for two main reasons. The first was to collect my Form 16, from the bank, to file the IT return and to collect the telephone instrument that was given for repairs a couple of days ago. I could return within 45 mts without keeping mom and Lekha waiting for me at lunch.

By 4 Pravin had come to collect the requisite papers and I was glad that it was yet another work that could be ticked off my slop chit. My neighbour had also followed me on controls on the IT return issue. Earlier, while at the bank, came to know the details of the accident undergone by the members of the manager's close family at Palakkad.

I could complete my customary walk because of the break in the rains and just as I'd turned in, down came the rains with a strong gust of wind. Wonder whether there were any damages because a few trees getting uprooted and falling on the electric cables is a common phenomenon, these days. There was nothing in the immediate vicinity but the power interruptions were galore.

The news from Thiruvananthapuram, regarding Indira kunjamma, was encouraging with the infusion of antibiotics into her system. Leela chittamma has been discharged after the knee surgery and they've gone back to Kochi; she comes for review on 12th.

Meanwhile, I'd got the things ready for my move to Kottarakkara in connection with the handing over of the books to the school's library. Only wish that the rains don't play spoilsport! I'm not gonna carry anything with me lest I forget and make a mess of things!!


It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.

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