Wednesday, June 8, 2016

News snippets.

Back to my analysis of the news in circulation and are grabbing the headlines these days:-

      The Chief Minister's Advice.

       Pinarayi Vijayan had addressed the government secretariat staff at the Central Stadium
       yesterday and told them a few harsh truths like it's common knowledge to one and all about:-

              (a) the staff's unauthorised absence during working hours.
              (b) the apathy of the staff experienced by the common man who visit to know the
                    status of his case.
              (c) the mysterious disappearance of files and their subsequent 'retrieval' once pressure
                   from the top is applied.
              (d) the secretariat is a cesspool of corruption where money is required to push files.
              (e) the late coming was sorted out to a certain extent with the 'punching system' but
                    early secure continues unabated on silly excuses like train/bus timings, sudden 
                    illnesses etc.
              (f) the increasing tendency to indulge in extra-curricular activities not related to work!

         It's good that chief minister has taken the bull by its horns. What he must, also, do is to effect
         transfers of all individuals who've spent more than three years in the secretariat because this
         'mafia' is the one that decides as to how the offices must work, the ministers and their
         bureaucrats not withstanding! They seem to have no control, whatsoever!!

         We'd a bad experience about three months back and I'd made a mention of it earlier, too. The
          Foundation had received a letter - that conveyed a general reluctance towards the government's
          conduct of the 'Vaayana Vaaram' and therefore, questioned the requirement of a preliminary
          meeting headed by the concerned secretary - from the secretariat by a guy, who's gonna be a
          'Section Officer' soon and has the propensity to shoot down anything concerning PN Panicker!
          His designs were neutralised, in time, by meeting the then minister and the secretary and
          corrective action taken.


The sports minister, EP Jayarajan, has come into the limelight, yet again, for the most unlikely reason - him taunting Anju Bobby George, the President of the Kerala Sports Council, for her flying down to Thiruvananthapuram from Bangalore at government expense that was granted by the previous LDF dispensation while in power, but not known to him or obviously, not briefed by his staff. She'd finally met the chief minister who put her at ease by saying that the matter would be looked into and sorted out! The minister is supposed to have given a veiled warning to those who aren't LDF's supporters and are seated at important posts, as per the reports!! 

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