Thursday, June 16, 2016

From here and there.

1. Towards the Run up to the 'Vaayana Dinam' and 'Vaaram'.

Today, I'd participated in a phone-in-interview with the press towards the run up to the Vaayana Dinam and Vaaram, commencing 19 Jun, being Muthachan's remembrance day. Since mom has a problem talking over the telephone, I'd fielded the questions on her behalf as well as mine and recalled the little things that we have in our mental warehouse about the legendary PN Panicker. The interviewer told me that he'd be calling up further, for additional information, to formulate the feature on the 'Man of letters' and had done so to clear a few of his doubts.

I'd be going to Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday to be part of the proceedings on Sunday, at the Kanakakkunnu Palace, where the Governor is gonna be the chief guest. On the 20th, there's an event under the auspices of the Jana Sikshan Sansthan at Kollam and a day after, at the Thalavoor UPS where my dad had his primary schooling whose library will be presented with another set of books@Rs.5 grand, as part of the family's ongoing annual commitment in my dad's name.

We're to drive all the way to Thiruvananthapuram but owing to the rains and bad roads, mom and Lekha will be staying back at Guruvayur while I flit up and down for partaking in the activities.

2. The 'Puja'.

Finally, the puja was conducted this forenoon after a few hiccups like the priest falling sick and him, consequently having to readjust his schedule. The materials, for the ceremony, were collected and kept ready over the last few days. Satyanarayanan, the priest in his 40s who had picked up the nuances from his father - also a priest and astrologer - arrived at 10 and went about the preparations in right earnest. The sitting room had to be emptied off the furniture for the 'Sudarshan chakra' to be prepared on the floor with rice powder and other colourful vegetable based powders.

I've always been impressed with the intricate preparations that go towards the run up to a puja and the bright colours and tasteful designs that go to make up the ultimate aura! Today's was no different and the puja began in right earnest around 12 and lasted about 11/2 hrs with the sacred fire - homam - emitting smoke, at times, irritating the eyes.

At the end of it all, he'd hit hard on a coconut that was kept in vermilion mixed water all through the puja. It had broken into two unequal halves - and the inference that the puja has been successful was reached because the part with the eyes was larger than the other portion!

Well, all's well that ends well and it's our fond hope that the misplaced valuables are retrieved at the earliest!


There has been widespread enthusiasm in the state when the newly constituted Special Investigation Team had announced today, the nabbing of an Assamese labourer in connection with the 'Jisha murder case', from neighbouring Tamilnadu. Further investigations are continuing to enable the filing of the chargesheet. What was deplorable was the political class, fighting with each other, claiming success over the breakthrough! Sad!!

No one should forget that the second SIT had its task made easy by the previous one in collecting evidence and examining witnesses. Its efforts didn't bear fruits because of the tremendous pressure exerted by the election rhetoric and a prying media. Having said that, my question to that team is, "Why did you lose your cool?"     

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